About us

Minh Thu Precision Mechanical Co., Ltd is a 100% Vietnamese invested enterprise, which was formerly known as Minh Thu mechanic base. It was established in 2003. In 2004, Minh Thu was transformed into Minh Private Enterprise. Letters P & M and growing. Our company operates in the field of precision mechanics: specialized in machining precision mechanical products according to customer’s technical drawings, and auxiliary products for the manufacturing industry. Automobiles, motorbikes, explosives, generators, agricultural machines … Besides, they also developed the plating industry. Our customers come from foreign countries such as Korea, Japan, USA …
The company employs more than 130 technicians and skilled workers who are working hard to produce and manufacture.

Commitment to product quality

In order to have high quality products, the Board of Directors always strictly follows the standards of production with the motto “QUALITY IS PRESTIGE”:
Raw materials for production are carefully selected and imported from the most reliable domestic and foreign partners.
Our engineers and technicians are skilled in researching and improving technology to ensure that the company’s machinery and equipment are always modern and meet the standards and requirements of customers. row out.
The products before going to customers have undergone a strict quality control process to minimize errors and ensure the best quality requirements.
We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products.

Commitment to service

With a staff of young, dynamic and enthusiastic, we always bring to customers:
Warranty, maintenance of the best and fastest products, dedicated service, thoughtful.

For the community and society

Commit to protecting brand reputation and long-term business on the basis of respect for social rules and regulations.
Contribute actively to the local socio-economic development.
Always try to ensure the best interests for customers and partners.
Growth and development are linked to environmental protection.


We are reliable partners of customers from Korea, Japan, USA. Our products meet strict requirements from developed markets